About Us

Hi. We’re Carmen, Emiliano, and Jared. We’re photographers based in LA, NYC, and DC, respectively. Between the 3 of us, we have accumulated 20+ years in the game.

Let’s face it – the editorial and commercial photography word is largely monolithic and dominated by the white male lens.

Fuck Gatekeeping is our response – through mentoring emerging photographers from underrepresented communities we want to make our industry more accessible by being transparent with our successes, our failures, and our best practices. This website is an attempt to share the most relevant info for everyone to access.

We are not an organization, we are not experts in social justice, we do not represent all marginalized communities.

We acknowledge that we are only experts in regards to our own experiences as middle-class, straight, cisgender POC.

It is our hope that our experiences, resources, and access can help you too.

Heart emoji,

Carmen, Emiliano and Jared