How do you figure out usage/licensing fees?

CC: I still struggle with doing this on my own but here are some resources I’ve found:
A Photo Editor – $free – use the search function to find relevant examples like “pricing buyout” “pricing social media” or browse through to see the thought process and context for commercial estimates. I used to cobble together estimates using these examples.
Wonderful Machine or other Consultants – varies, WM is $150/hour, they take over the estimating process on your behalf.
Photo Agents – $free initially, 25%-30% commission if you win the job, they take over the estimating process on your behalf.
Getty Images Calculator – on the high end and doesn’t consider volume since you’re calculating a single image price.
fotoQuote software – $150 one time purchase – industry-standard photo Pricing Guide with licensing
Blinkbid software – $16/mo or $168/year subscription – bidding, producing, and invoicing

JS: In addition to the resources that Carmen shared, another approach is to ask if the client has a budget in mind. If they do then you can take that number and run it through the calculators above and or your personal network to arrive at a fee based on the usage.